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ERYone Water Washable 3D Printer Resin 1KG

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One of biggest advantages of eryone water washable resin is that it doesn't require IPA (isopropyl alcohol) for post curing, while still maintaining the excellent qualities that you are used to with our standard range of resins.
We believe it is the perfect resin for almost all users. If you are new to the Hobby then you don’t have to worry about purchasing and safely using IPA. If you are an experienced user the cost and time saving post print will be immeasurable.
Eryone water washable resin was designed to be easy to use, have a very low odor and keep all the details in your prints, just like our standard resin! we also have used the same bottle design that our customers love.

Product Features

  1. Low odor, quick curing, no deformation in molding, smooth surface, high precision.
  2. The finished model can directly be washed via water without needing ethyl alcohol and the model doesn’t sticky at all.
  3. The finished good has some degree of toughness and hardness.
  4. The feature comparison of commonly used resins (25℃,50-60%RH).

Comparative Item

Standard Resin

Water-Washable Resin

ABS-Like Resin

cleaning method


water or ethyl alcohol  

href="#/javascript:;" ethyl alcohol 





long-term storage

air drying,

store in low humidity away from light.

air drying, oil polish,

store in low humidity away from light.

air drying, store in low humidity away from light.

water absorption




mechanical property




printer type

easy to look at

easy to look at

· easy to look at and very practical



Technical Parameters

Viscosity (25℃)


absorption band




Maximal Force(KGF)


Tensile Strength(MPA)


Deformation of the Maximum Force Point(mm)


Yield Point Elongation (%)


Elongation at Break(%)


Ultimate Bending Strenght



Bending elastic modulus (MPa)


Shore Hardness


Impact Strength(kj/m2


Printing Recommend Setting

Printing Parameters

Exposure Time: 4-10s (Chromatic Color Display), 2-3s (Monochrome Display)

Exposure Time of Bottom Layer: 50-120s (Chromatic Color Display), 20-40s (Monochrome Display)

Lifting Distance: 5-8mm

Lifting Speed: 100-200mm/min



1.The surface of the printed part is white because the resin on the surface has not been cleaned. The cleaning process must be cleaned;

2.After dismantling the support model or the surface will be scratched and white, it can be removed by applying some skin care products, such as Dabao SOD;

3.The model is cracked. Reason 1: The model is hollowed out, not cleaned, there is residual resin or a mixture of resin and alcohol, and the internal and external shrinkage of the model is inconsistent. Cracking

4.The bottom plate is warped during the printing process, and the curing time of the bottom layer is not enough, resulting in insufficient adhesion between the model and the printing platform;

5.It is normal for transparent resins to have yellowing phenomenon. Cleaning and air-drying during the post-treatment process can reduce the yellowing. Next, there will be a high-transparent product with a higher price than ordinary transparent, but it can be highly transparent;

6.Rigid resin is relatively brittle and cannot be used as a functional resin. It can only be used for viewing. The hardness, strength and toughness of ABS-like resin are higher, which can meet this demand; (compare video)

7.The thinner part of the model is caused by too much water absorption on the soft couch, which can be improved by quick drying and curing after cleaning; (mainly appearing in the washed resin)

8.If the resin is not used for a long time, the color paste will precipitate and separate after standing. This is a normal phenomenon. After stirring with a glass rod, the uniform state can be restored. If the color paste still precipitates after stirring, the resin cannot be used again.


1.Before using resin, it is recommended to wear gloves;

2.If conditions permit, do not pack the used resin and the unused resin together to avoid contamination;

3.The current resin odor can be very low, but the chemical is always a chemical. Although it is not toxic, the odor is irritating to the respiratory tract, so please use it in a ventilated environment;

4.The product should be stored in a sealed container. After use, it should be sealed in time and placed in a dry and well-ventilated place. It should not be exposed to the sun;

5.If you accidentally touch the skin, wash your skin with soap and water or seek medical advice;

6.If you accidentally touch your eyes, open your eyelids immediately, rinse with soapy water for about 20 minutes, and seek medical attention in time;

7.If accidentally inhaled or swallowed, do not induce vomiting, keep at rest, and send to hospital for treatment in time;

8.After printing, the excess resin in the trough needs to be filtered before it can be poured back into the bottle;

9.The post-curing process can be cured in water, the purpose is to make the ultraviolet light shine on the model more uniformly;

10.If you use an ultrasonic cleaner to clean the prints with water, you need to clean them with running water again after cleaning.


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