M Y   B A C K G R O U N D
Hi there :)
My name is Yannik, I am 35 years old and i started my little #3dprinting passion during my studies in “economics and engineering” in 05.2018. I started with an Anycubic I3 Mega (FDM) Machine and #resin printing in 08.2019.

During that time I added and tested a lot of different machines… from the Anycubic Predator (a huge delta FDM printer), both Eryone Thinker FDM machines to a lot of different resin printers (Phrozen Sonic Mini, Photon Zero / Original / Mono / Mono SE / Mono X).
(note: not all printers are still in my little workshop… some just had to leave for specific reasons)
With now over 5000+ prints made and documented, I would say I'm really into 3d printing: From business printing prototypes for companies of different branches and cooperations with very talented 3d artists to create really rare collector pieces, I also love to make crazy and fun stuff to put a little smile on some faces or just helping to inspire for more ideas! :)

I’m proud to show my personal favourite  projects to my 12k followers on instagram:

(picture showing “Hellboy Bust by Johnny Belmont with eryone color mixing resin)


On my original photons i was always looking for some faster resin, because the (now) old screens just take long exposure times so i was interetes in testing eryone resin which i mostly print @7-8s and 0,03mm layerheight (8-9s on 0,05… but this really rare used because i love ULTRA details)

Because of being a painting noob (but enthusiast) and mostly running out of time for some coloring sessions, i started to just print my mini parts in different colors, to let them look more finished when not being painted at all.

So I really like the fact, that eryone standard resin colors all need the exact same exposure time, which makes it perfect for mixing certain colors or just dropping the rest into the same bottle and always having some spare resin left without any need of finding specific exposure times again.

Eryone describes his resin as “low odor” and i have to admit that I was very pessimistic about that, because I tried a lot of “low odor” resins from other brands and most of them were lying (or just not able to smell). Eryone Resin has really a low odor which can be compared with other eco / plantbased products. *thumbs up*

C O L O R   M I X I N G   P R O J E C T
My first color mixing project contributed to "chinese dragon boat festival" for that i printed 2 dragons from “titan forge miniatures” (patreon).
I mixed different colors from eryone standard resin to achieve this nice dark green for the dragon itself. The shogun siting on his head and the horns have been printed in standard grey. The three headed dragon has also been created with different colors, but this time i wanted some more red to make him look more badass.
The details came out pretty nice and the toughness is absolutely satisfying (i would say so… I’m not the “i throw my prints at the wall or the floor to test its strength”-guy).

I printed several other miniatures with different mixtures of resin, which are shown in the following pics. All models are from “titan forge miniatures” and printed at 0,03mm layerheight and 8s NE / 60s BE on my original photon. These miniatures are offered presupported and some of them have really ultra thin supports where your exposure settings shall be on point. Reducing lift speed on your printers is also a main goal to achieve nice results without bending parts or missing sections:

I have also written down some of my tested color-recipes and maybe you can use it as a template for your own mixtures.
Notice, that some mixtures have a higher amount then the max vat fill of the original Photon. But keep to the % values. Keep in mind that dark colors like black and grey have a strong influence on the color mixing and only a few gram can change your wished result dramatically.
or you could download the recipe template here


In general, I am very satisfied by eryone standard resin with its low exposure times, low odor and the high achievable details. 

So if you are like me and having not much time to paint your prints (or just pretending to have no skill) the color mixing resin is worth a shot.