Guest Post By Michael Bird

Eryone is becoming one of the top manufacturers when it comes to 3D printing. They started with Filament, then onto stepper drivers and 3D printers. Now they have an army of resins! I have been given some Eryone Magenta 3D printer resin to review, so let’s see how this turns out!

Eryone Magenta Resin Packaging

Eryone Magenta Resin comes packaged in your usual plain brown box. Inside, the resin bottle is wrapped in plastic and encased in a bubble pocket. This makes it secure and prone to any damage during transit. That’s all there is to it on the packaging side!

The smell of the Eryone Magenta resin is good. Good as in not too powerful which would cause any issues in my opinion, although it is recommended to use in a well-ventilated area. The consistency is good too, free flowing, and the colour looks vibrant and fresh!



Christmas Eryone Magenta Resin

For my first print, and with the Eryone Magenta resin being Magenta, it appears to be of festive colour. This made me decide to print a Christmas Tree ornament. It was only fitting that in this current climate; it had to be something related to Covid-19 so, therefore; I printed this 2020 We Survived Christmas hanging decoration!

I got a bit excited and forgot to get pictures whilst on the build plate. However, this turned out great! I used the Eryone Magenta Resin on my Longer Orange 30 with a layer height of 0.025 and the following settings…

  • Bottom Layer Count: 6
  • Exposure Time: 6s
  • Bottom Exposure Time: 80s
  • Light-Off Delay: 1s
  • Bottom Lift Distance: 2mm
  • Lifting Distance: 5mm
  • Bottom Lifting Speed: 48mm/min
  • Lifting Speed: 50mm/min

A very smooth and detailed print!


Recently, I just got myself a new mono resin printer. The Voxelab Proxima from Amazon. This came with a test file of a deer, so let’s give that a print with the Eryone Magenta 3D printer resin! The settings I used for this were just the standard setting for the Voxelab that comes with Chitubox.

  • Bottom Layer Count: 6
  • Exposure Time: 2.8s
  • Bottom Exposure Time: 30s
  • Light-Off Delay: 0s
  • Bottom Lift Distance: 5mm
  • Lifting Distance: 5mm
  • Bottom Lifting Speed: 60mm/min
  • Lifting Speed: 60mm/min

This came out extremely well, picking out the fine detail on the body and the horns!

Straight after printing

After washing

After curing

After curing


Dwarf Slayer

I had also been scouring Kickstarter and came across 3DPrintingPro who has developed a cool looking 3D printable game of which the Kickstarter gives you a link to a free sample model of a Dwarf Slayer.

Again, this turned out great despite one of his legs not printing properly and being shrunk! I didn’t have the build plate on straight, which may have accounted for this, but none the less, it shows great detail!

Conclusion of the Eryone Magenta Resin Review

To sum up, Eryone Magenta 3D printer resin is really easy to print with and produces excellent results! With its bright vibrant colour, it stands out well. It picks out the smallest details which look great (Although pictures never do this justice!) This is definitely a resin I would use again, and with Eryone’s vast range on types of resin and colours, you have plenty to choose from!



Printing ease97%




A vibrant easy to print with resin from a reputable manufacturer. With its wide range of colours and types, there is plenty to choose from for your particular application!

Final Score94%9.4