This November, after many tests, we confidently released a new filament, Silk Metallic Rainbow PLA.
Just as its name implies, silky finish and metallic colors are the biggest highlights.
1.Silky rainbow finish.
Right now silky shine is not just a peculiarity of silk PLA, The newly released silk metallic rainbow is no less beautiful, bright and shiny surface catch every 3d printing makers’ eyes.
2,10 Metallic Colors
Different from classic rainbow and other rainbow pla we are selling, silk metallic rainbows has a set of colors more well-defined, stronger, thicker.  The  shiny effect is due to the PLA
brightness varying with the surface angle to the light source.
,there are 10 major colors,Purple--red copper--green--sand yellow--purple blue--ice blue--bronze--orange--rose red--light purple
each about 32.8 ft long(excluding the transitional colors).one roll of Filament is about 1082.68 ft long(330m),20 colors in total.
3.Test result: Neatly winded spools,easy-to-use.
We test the silk metallic rainbow on several major printers on the market to determine its compatibility, we are pround of the result :Easy to print,wide temperature adaption.
Tested on On Eryone Thinker SE(Glass build plate)
CR-10(Glass build plate)
Ender 3(Flexible build plate).
205℃/thinker S/PEI magnetic flexible plate
Printing recommendation setting:
Ender3/CR10/Mega-S/Thinker S/Thinker SE/ER-20 WITH BOWDEN EXTRUDER
Nozzle temperature: 190~220℃
Heated bed temperature
1) PEI Magnetic print surface: 55~70℃
2) Glass Bed: 65~70℃
Printer speed: 30~60mm/s
Retract speed: 80~100mm/s
Retract length: 4~5mm

Nozzle temperature: 190~220℃
Heated bed temperature
1) PEI Magnetic print surface: 55~70℃
Printer speed: 30~60mm/s
Retract speed: 30~40mm/s
Retract length: 0.8~1.5mm
4.Verdict:Highly recommended.
One of eryone logic of eryone filament development is developing filament that can bring different visual effect,with the colors scheme,rainbow pla is the most represntative one.
our previous rainbow pla have been good success,wth the newest silk metallic rainbow added,stronger and thicker,definitely giving our fans ultimate visual experience.
5.The Price
suggested retail price in Europe is 28.99 Euro.
suggested retail price in USA and Canada is 28.99 USD
The launch date has not yet been set.